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Transport Services

B&W can offer to its clients a competitive and efficient range of transport solutions designed and built to suit our clients own requirements

  • From vans and pick-up trucks.
  • 7.5 ton curtain side with 1 tonne tail lift
  • 45 ft flats and euro liners
  • 45ft / 65ft extending flat trailers
  • 45ft / 95ft extending powered steer trailer
  • Rigid with rear mounted 30 tonne / metre HIAB with sliding sheet system
  • 45 ft flat with mid-mounted 43 tonne /metre HIAB with sliding sheet system
  • Extending Semi-low loader with front mounted 70 tonne / metre HIAB
  • Extending full low loader fitted with 88 ton/mtr Hiab
  • Extending powered steer low loader
  • Extending 4 axle semi low loader
  • Abnormal load escort vehicle.
  • All transport and cranage handled safely and efficiently by highly trained and experienced operators
  • Complete transport solution anywhere in the UK, Europe and beyond
  • So whether the loads are normal (C&U) or abnormal, UK or European, B&W has the equipment and expertise to provide total transport solutions that our clients r

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