At Barker & Hood Limited we offer an extensive range of global logistical solutions that satisfies the needs of each individual client whether large or small.

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We offer competitive rates with a dependable service that is closely monitored from the time of booking, through to delivery, where we can acquire a verbal POD the moment the goods are received and the delivery paperwork is stamped or signed, informing you that the shipment has arrived as promised.
Our philosophy has always been to work closely with each of our clients by having an understanding of their logistical requirements, thus allowing us to be as flexible as possible to give them the best service we can provide, along with the most cost effective rates. By assisting our clients this way it allows them to concentrate on their business, helping them to develop and expand safely in the knowledge that we are there to deliver their promises to their customers.
Over the years we have established a network of global agents in all 5 continents allowing us to handle any shipment no matter what size to almost anywhere in the world.
To find out more about our company and how we can be of service to you please call us today, or complete the quick and simple contact form and we will call you back.

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