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Since incorporation in 1992 we have grown to become the complete export logistics solution. Whether it is providing bespoke export packing service, freight or storage, we deliver every time.
Ideally located in the heart of the Midlands perfectly accessible to serve the whole UK economy, with our complete export packing and forwarding, Baxters has your export solution

From export case manufacture, loading and unloading containers, global freight and long term contracts our work is varied and broad, Baxters is a name you can rely on.

As a family owned independent company we have the knowledge experience and determination to make every job flexible and personnel. Although we may cover the globe and have contracts to manage worldwide we still remain with our core values of partnership and satisfaction

Expanding from when we began in 1992 we still remain a family owned independent company, still continuing with our core values and transparency, dedicated to quality and integrity.

Although we have grown to be the complete logistics solution our principles never change, knowledge built upon experience has enabled Baxters to provide the whole logistics service from packing, consolidation and freight. For over 20 years Baxters is a name you can trust.

Still continuing to work with our very first client 20 years on, and why so many of our own people are still with us after years or decades, continually deepens our experience and expertise.

We believe that your success is our success, see what Baxters can do for you.

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