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Welcome to Bleddyn Thomas Steep Ground Maintenance. We offer a safe and reliable way of scrub clearance, maintaining of steep or rough agriculture and conservation land, as well as ploughing, cultivating, fertilizer and lime spreading, and numerous methods of seeding.
Coming from a strong agricultural background I know only too well how things have changed in terms of economy, climate and the ever increasing need for food production, whilst incorporating nature at all times.

With this in mind, I took it upon myself to improve and maintain un-favoured, steep, rough land at home and thenWith a range of different apparatus – during a site meeting I can advise the client on the best method of clearing the site in question, be it with:

Forestry mulcher is ideal for cutting and mulching flush to ground level up to a diameter of 6” be it Gorse, Bracken, Brambles or Sapplings. The Mulcher can be mounted either on a Tracked Skid Steer, Tractor or a Crawler Tractor. If the ground is quite Stony I can use a rotary chain cutter or Bulldozer.

On land that machines can't access, it is possible for us to clear the land using Chainsaws and Strimers and dispose of via a contolled fire or wood chipper – this method is welcomed on SSSI land. moving on to contracting work from all over North Wales.

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