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At Brisko Metal Resources, we know that behind every successful development project, there is a dedicated steel stockholder working hard to meet customer demand for good quality affordable materials.
Fortunately, steel stockholders who work with us enjoy a flexible, end-to-end service that delivers both in equal measure.

We ship in a wide selection of high grade steel tubes and pipes, scaffolding and form works, hollow sections, bars and non ferrous metal i.e. aluminium sections, stainless steel bars and manhole covers, from our mill each week. You contact us when you need to replenish your stock, 'Just in Time' to fulfill your orders.
As well as producing a standard range of length, mass, thickness and protective finishes, our mill also supplies custom orders for specific projects. These arrive at our door in 12 weeks or less, based on your detailed specifications.

Finally, our onsite cutting and processing facility allows us to further adapt, reshape and resize our stock to meet your individual requirements, so that you can purchase a variety of items under a single roof.

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