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Ambient Transport
At Broughton Transport we offer ambient transportation to the UK and Europe.

Ambient refers to the temperature in a room (or more specifically to us... in our trailers). It also refers to the temperature surrounding an object that we transport. The variation of temperature can play a major role in the function of many types of machines and equipment, and various methods can be used to control ambient temperatures. We are specialists in ambient temperature controlled logistics.

Managing your Ambient Delivery
The temperatures can be influenced by a number of factors, including the weather outside, the quality of the insulation of the trailer, what is inside the trailer and the heating and cooling systems being used.

Broughton Transport have state of the art trailer control systems that can manage these influences. Where your product needs to be maintained in a stable ambient environment, our temperature controlled sensors on our vehicles can be used to keep track of temperatures, ensuring that they do not stray beyond the desired range. These sensors can also be linked to alarms which send alerts when temperatures fluctuate. This offers peace of mind when delivering your products.

Unfortunately, the term ambient temperature has become quite ambiguous, so whatever your delivery requirement is for your product, Broughton Transport will be able to maintain any temperature controlled environment you require

Frozen Haulage
We are frozen food transport and frozen pharmaceuticals logistics specialists. Delivering and maintaining safe, quality, frozen foods is the responsibility of all individuals and organisations involved throughout the “Cold Chain”.

Frozen goods are transported at a temperature of –18ºC or lower, chilled goods at a temperature above the freezing point. Driven primarily by the expansion of the chilled and quick-frozen foods market.

Effective management of the Cold Chain is only possible if everyone involved understands their role and the standards that should be applied. Rather like a “relay race” everybody needs to play their part, success relies on team effort.

The “Final Mile” is probably the most important part of the chain, making sure the delivery is kept to the right temperature to ensure maximum stability for the product.

Frozen Product Transport
Understanding the product is our passion. The most important aspect of the frozen product cycle is the delivery vehicles. We provide temperature controlled vehicles that remain operating at all times during transportation to keep the product temperature at the required values.

Groupage Shipping
Groupage shipping involves grouping your goods together with other compatible goods that are travelling to the same destination, so that they can make up full containers. Groupage is also known as consolidation of freight and is the cheapest, most efficient way to transport goods in UK and across Europe. So if your shipment is not enough to fill an entire container load, ask us to send them via Groupage Shipping.

Groupage Transport Prices
Groupage transport prices depend on the size and weight measurements of your delivery by road, sea or air freight. Broughton Transport uses a system that takes your package measurements into account and converts them into a measure of density. You will usually be charged by the cubic metre depending on the weight of your items. These calculations will be made by our in-house freight forwarding specialists who will take the measurements and weight of your shipment and determine the price.

Some people are worried that their goods are in danger of being damaged if they are shipped with a lot of other freight, but this is not the case. Each and every consignment is handled with care and we will be careful not to stack goods on other goods that are fragile.

Is Groupage Shipping Better?
The decision for which type of shipping is best for your needs will depend on the volume of items that you need to ship and where you would like them delivered.

If you have cargo that does not fill a trailer, Groupage could be the solution for you.

A Groupage service is ideal if you are looking to transport cargo around Europe or the UK, but you don’t have a full load and don’t want to pay a premium for small goods.

What is Groupage?
Groupage is essentially the process of us collecting all our customers cargo and carefully loading on to trailers so they are full and ready for transport. This means that even though you may only have a small load, you only pay for your load, rather than unused space on an empty trailer.

As a specialist in pallet and freight consolidation, by grouping our freight from a range of customers, we are able to provide you highly competitive ‘Groupage’ quotes for shipping across UK and Europe. All transport companies wish to ensure that vehicles are full on the outward and inward bound to maximize profitability and keep your costs down.

The concept from Broughton Transport’s perspective is that groupage services allows us to build loads that maximises the usage of the two arms of our business – our vast stock of artic lorries and the pallet network. For examples, one of our large customers (Garrets Ingredients) have a daily pick up from their warehouse in Avonmouth, Bristol which will be picked up by one of our artics and trailers. The load is brought back to Melksham, Wiltshire where it is split up depending on the size of each load for the Garret’s customers and their location; which is mainly UK and Europe. Smaller customers will be routed through the pallet network and the larger customers will be put on to our artics to fill the trailer.

From your perspective (the customer) this provides you with a more realistic price to transport small goods or emergency deliveries across UK and Europe.

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