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I will start by introducing my self, my name is Chris I'm a 28 years old male from Cumbria. Now I will introduce my company C&M logistics established in September 2017. I am a sole trader who can offer my experiences from being a class one passed in 2014. I have worked with various companies dealing with live loads to wide loads and logistic night mares. Prior to passing in 2014 I worked in mechanics witch allows me to offer my customers my knowledge and being able to recover vehicles from non runners to barn finds. After being in this industry for four years and not getting the credibility for the service I have provided this is why I have decided to start my own company. I have had my motor trader insurance policy for four years no claims. Recently have got my goods and transit insurance policy witch allows me to carry two motor vehicles at a time up to the value of 50,000 pounds per vehicle. I can provide full copy's off both my insurance documents.
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