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Coventry Reefers Ltd T/A CRL

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CRL - Refrigerated Transport & Haulage

Coventry Reefers Limited provide refrigerated transport and haulage services throughout the United Kingdom.

We operate from our offices in Stapleton, Leicestershire which is ideally suited in the centre of the United Kingdom to service any customer and are able to provide refrigerated transport anywhere in the UK.

Coventry Reefers Limited was formed in 1983 by David Evans. The company continues to expand and excel in the refrigerated transport market, providing ongoing customer satisfaction for over 20 years, and specialise in return load services specifically aimed at refrigerated transport of bulk foods for supermarkets.

Our dedicated staff are happy to assist you with your refrigerated transport requirements, including an out of hours service if required.
Recently completed journeys
  • Chepstow/Cas-Gwent to Cannock
    Refrigerated Load
    Completed Completed 25/10/2018
  • Chepstow/Cas-Gwent to Cannock
    Refrigerated Load
    Completed Completed 23/10/2018

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