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D.N.D. have become well established in distribution over twenty five years and have a firm footing in the market place. Serving customers across industry, including Fashion, Media, Healthcare, Leisure and Building, plus many others.

Our aim is to provide the highest possible level of service, at the most economical, sustainable price.

Your requirements may be for a single pallet, or you may need a fleet of stand trailers based at your premises, either way D.N.D. will be pleased to meet your demands. Both Day and Night collection and delivery services are currently being provided to our existing customers.

You may find that we are already serving your customer delivery points on a daily basis, which will enable us to offer you an even greater competitive edge on both service level and price.

Overnight Trunking services are now the norm. For example, bulk loads from the north are transferred overnight to our South East Depot for am next day delivery in the London congestion zone, on smaller tail-lift delivery vehicles.

We are a service provider. You demand, we supply.

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