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Welcome to the Modern and Innovative...
We pride ourselves on leading the way with new, original designs & equipment with our lorry, crane and trailer combinations.
We have the latest vehicles with low emission engines, together with low sulphur diesel and environmentally friendly recyclable parts, which ensure we continue to actively contribute to protect the planet.
We stringently monitor all paints, lubricants and cleaning materials used on the vehicles & equipment to comply with our strict environmental policy.
The latest cranes are fitted with all safety devices available, certificated and tested every 12 months. Remote controls for the crane have become a standard feature on our trucks over the past years and continue to impress for both safety & efficiency. Our vehicles even have reversing cameras to provide extra safety on site.
The latest articulated and drawbar trailers all have road friendly air suspension and use the most modern braking systems available.
With our team of Service Managers and our own workshop staff your goods will arrive on clean, high-spec, well maintained vehicles making sure your company is well represented on site.

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