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Derwent Shipping & Logistics Ltd is an innovative UK based freight forwarding company specialising in all aspects of freight management, shipping and site operations on a global scale...

Is this the first time your business has needed to find shipping services? Or are you looking for a freight company that can become a long term business partner?

Derwent Shipping & Logistics Ltd will find the most efficient and cost effective solution, tailored to your individual transport and shipping needs. We offer logistical solutions on any scale, large or small, from a one off shipment to the full turnkey responsibility of a large project. We offer door to door, port to port and door to port forwarding services and manage all aspects of the shipment.

At Derwent Shipping & Logistics Ltd we work closely with the customer to establish their requirements. We keep customers informed of progress and act swiftly and efficiently when changes are necessary.

With an international network of suppliers, we provide quotations quickly and facilitate movements at short notice. You will only need one point of contact, and that is us.

Please use our contact page for an enquiry or quotation.

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