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Haulage firm based in Worksop Nottinghamshire.
There’s no stopping DUKE, Duke- Distribution is an Installation and Haulage firm based in Worksop Nottinghamshire.
DUKE Distribution Managing Director and temporary access expert, James Robinson explains his new unique venture. The solution to an age-old problem.
“Temporary ground protection and access is a complex business to run efficiently. I was born into the industry and was keen to get behind the wheel of a truck from a very early age. My Grandfather created the first temporary roadway hire company back in 1966 and my father followed swiftly behind, taking the operation into Europe and expanding the market to the multi-million pound industry it is today.

With increasing customer pressures on reducing Co2, costs and timescales but increasing quality, it’s a tough arena to operate in whilst maintaining a fair rate in a very saturated market.

I’ve spent nearly 10 years out on the road installing quality roadways for the likes of Europe’s largest events, Power transmission, Renewable energy and Construction projects.

Working with my father, our biggest frustration was the Summer peak when there wasn’t enough trackway in the world to cope with demand, and winter was equally frustrating for the polar opposite reason. I’ve spent thousands of hours driving dirty trackway back to a depot washing it and re installing again somewhere else in the country, only to have to bring it back to clean all over again.
It has been like this for over 50 years, it was just ‘how the industry was’
Duke Distribution
Duke Distribution

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