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Nicholls transports both imported and exported goods (using accompanied or unaccompanied trailers) and offers a multimodal service right across Europe. Operating 24/7 throughout the UK and on the continent, our drivers can load or drop consignments overnight. We can provide timed deliveries for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and while we focus on full traffic loads (28 tonne maximum payload) , multidrop solutions are also available to suit your schedule. Warehousing for break bulk, restacking and repacking, fuel bunkering and vehicle and trailer wash facilites are also available. 

Real time satellite vehicle tracking provides fleet-wide visibility throughout the UK and Europe enabling us to plan optimum routes for each driver. Our well- equipped back office provides KPI reporting and e-invoicing, as well as a web-based POD portal which you can access at your convinience.


Services provided:

  • Transport
  • Full loads

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