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Our modern, well maintained fleet comprises of over 50 vehicles and 150 trailers with internal heights of up to 2.8m. All of our current tractor units are Euro 5 equipped with AdBlue- fuelled SCR systems to reduce CO2 emissions. Fuel efficiency is carefully monitored via computer checks to assess engine wear and its impact on MPGs.

Continued investment in new equipment (most of our vehicles are less than 3 years old) and preventative maintenance programmes keep our fleet in peak condition, minimise breakdowns and reduce repair downtime. Very few hauliers still have there own workshop. We do: Our trailers are serviced by our own team every 8 weeks and our tractor units every 5 weeks.

We work to minimise enviromental impact by managing control of emissions, monitoring fuel economy and maintaining our fleet at optimum efficiency. Our advanced routing technology and practise of moving consignments overnight and early in the morning, whenever possible, helps our vehicles avoid congestion and reduce fuel consumption. As part of our ongoing drive to achieve and demonstrate sound enviromental practice, we are now ISO14001 certified. 

Number of vehicles: 57

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