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Over 50 Operating Vehicles and Trailers
Originally operating a moderately small driving fleet when first established in 1950, E.T. Morris and Sons Ltd have expanded their operations with an excess of 50 vehicles and 40 trailers along with 3000 square meters of warehousing.

Vehicle Fleet
Our vehicles are designed to reach a low ride height with a light weight chassis which allows us to maintain the load capacity, but also reduce fuel economy which in turn means lower vehicle emissions. We try our upmost to provide eco-friendly vehicles on the road, so we ensure that the vehicles are maintained regularly either by the local service agent or in our modern workshop by our own fully trained staff.
Currently, our fleet consists of Volvo FH12 Globetrotter 6x2 (recent additions now fitted with the 470 BHP engine) and Scania (latest additions being the 124 Topline 6x2 V8 580 BHP). All our vehicles are tracked with telematics and equipped with up-to-date smartphones, and some of the vehicles have the equipment necessary to transport hazardous goods.

Trailer Fleet
As we are a general haulier, we need a large variety of trailers to cover all aspects of our work. These trailer types include the following:
Curtain-sider Transport
All our curtain-siders have coil wells and sliding roofs to enable us to carry most types of cargo. Each trailer also comes equipped with side pins and is code XL rated. We also have several lifting roof options giving an increased internal height of 2.95m side access. These trailers can carry up to 28.00t cargo weight.
Container Transport
Our new gooseneck design skeletal trailers can transport a 2.9m high container giving an overall maximum height of 3.9m which is ideal for any low access deliveries. This has been made possible by combing it with our new Volvos being fitted with a lightweight smaller Estepe axel. This also means we can transport up to 27.500t inside a standard 40/45ft container. Along with our innovative design skeletal trailers being able to carry 20, 40 & 45ft containers we also have several Tipping Skellies which can carry 20ft containers that require rear door self-discharge i.e. Bulk Powders.
Flat Trailer Transport
All our flat trailers have coil wells and are equipped with side pins and sheets. We can carry up to 3.5m wide and 15m long cargo with a maximum weight of 29.00t.

Current Vehicles

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