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At Exsample Courier Services, we truly believe there's a better way of delivering.

Your business needs logistics solutions that don’t restrict its growth.

Imagine a company that tailors its operations to fit yours; that integrates with you, and evolves as your requirements change. A company built on commitment, on a true understanding of you and your business. A flexible, committed partner ready to react to your every requirement.

Vehicle tracking

ECS uses Navman Wireless satellite tracking for all of its vehicles – allowing us to locate your goods every step of the journey at the click of a button. We can inform you exactly where your goods are at any point during transit and instantly provide you with an ETA.

Tail-lift deliveries

Vehicles are fitted with tuck-away tail lifts. All tail lifts have a carrying capacity of 1 tonne.

Moffett truck-mounted fork lift

Moffett invented the concept of the truck-mounted forklift over 40 years ago – a load handling solution that has revolutionised the way materials are distributed across the globe. The fork lift attaches to the rear of the vehicle or trailer and has a two tonne lifting capacity with extendable forks so the vehicle can be loaded/unloaded from one side. The fork lift is easily detached from the vehicle and can unload your goods into your desired location on-site, in minutes. These are available on trailers or rigid vehicles.


ECS has many years of experience in handling all types of hazardous cargo, from heavy and light oils, chemicals, explosive gases and much more. All of these are potentially harmful to humans and the environment. We are one of the leading experts in the movement of hazardous goods in and out of Europe. Whether it be a single kilo or a full load, our staff can provide advice and support to all customers to execute the movement of their goods. We are fully compliant with all European legislation concerning the carriage of hazardous goods by road haulage.

Under European law, any company wishing to transport dangerous goods must have a dangerous goods safety advisor (DGSA) working for them. They ensure that any hazardous load carried by ECS, conforms to any criteria laid out by the DTLR (Department for Transport Local Government and the Regions). It is of great importance that the correct paperwork is carried with the load, so that the emergency services can quickly react to any road traffic accident or spillage involving dangerous goods.

Overhead loading/unloading

ECS are able to offer a variety of options for overhead loading/unloading. Flat trailers enable the easy of loading with overhead cranes, with sheet then being secured on the load to protect against the weather. For customers who prefer not to have their goods loaded on a flat trailer, curtain-sided vehicles or trailers with sliding roofs or slidaflex trailer are also available.

Overnight pallet service

Pallet rates are available for next day and 2/3 day economy service.

We offer a range of services to meet those needs:

Services provided:

  • Storage
  • Transport
  • Warehousing
  • Same day courier
  • Full loads

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