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F Sherwood & Sons (Transport) Ltd The parent company works closely with other companies allied to the haulage industry. Parts of the premises are sub let to others that specialises in vehicle spares and hydraulic tipping equipment. One major tyre company uses our tyre bay to help maintain the fleet of vehicles and trailers.  At the group’s headquarters at Shepshed, vehicle and trailer servicing for the haulage company, is undertaken in it’s own extensive vehicle and body workshops. Vehicle servicing is carried out over large inspection pits using modern equipment. The body workshop can handle anything from minor body repairs to major body rebuilds. Other parts of the buildings are used for dry cargo storage. Driver instruction and training is carried out in the training room. In house training on Health & Safety matters along with driver’s tachograph analysis are conducted on site. Central account’s offices for Fred Sherwood & Sons Transport Ltd and Fred Sherwood & Sons Shepshed Ltd are to be found here. The company has always supported the ‘small man’ operations, offering financial and mechanical back up, tractor / trailer leasing or purchasing, work and invoicing facilities. The transport team, headed by Justin Sherwood, have control over the groups own fleet (Fred Sherwood & Sons Shepshed Ltd) and a large nucleus of ‘small man’ operators. Some 120 or so vehicles are controlled from this point. A large amount of work is also traded with other haulage companies around the U K to ensure that the most economical and efficient utilisation of the vehicles is made each day.
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