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Falcon Transport Limited

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Professional UK Freight Handlers and Couriers

Our fleet of over 30 vehicles range from motorbike to articulated lorry’s. With no job too small or too large. We can cover it.

Our professional staff are carefully selected, safe in the knowledge that they can meet not only our requirements but also customer needs. They have undoubtedly an incredible knowledge of all UK & European road laws, regulations and custom requirements; giving peace off mind that when you want a job done, it is done to the highest standard.

Secure Paletised Storage

We have a secure and fully managed warehouse for all palletised storage with an effective and easily managed system to locate and swiftly distribute to any UK & European destination.

Tracked Courier and Freight Transport

With time and money being such a precious commodity, in such a demanding economy,  we use GPS to track our entire vehicle fleet, enabling us to locate your goods within seconds, and prvide precise delivery times for your goods.

European Freight and Courier Service

We collect and deliver from all locations over UK & Europe, we have a partners placed everywhere ideally located for everyone. Daily runs to Paris, Belgium, Holland, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow and many more

Services provided:

  • Transport
  • Same day courier
  • Overnight courier
  • Overnight pallet network
  • Full loads
  • Part loads

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