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We have bright staff, with experience and ability, who apply the latest technologies to fulfill customer needs. All our vehicles are equipped with vehicle tracking, in cab communication and we are introducing hand held devices for real-time proof of delivery capture. Palletways freight is bar-coded and can be tracked by all customers via the web.

7.5 tonne vehicle carries approximately 10 pallets with a total weight capacity of 3000 kilos.  
17 tonne vehicle can carry approximately 12 to 14 pallets with a total weight capacity of 10,000 kilos.
26 tonne vehicle can carry approximately 16 to 18 pallets with a total weight capacity of 16,000 kilos.   44 tonne vehicle (artic) can carry approximately 26 pallets with a total weight capacity of 27,000 kilos.
Here is a trailer which we call a Double Decker, mostly used at night to transport your palletised goods to and from the central handling hub system. As you can see pallets are loaded not on top of each other but on a solid deck which gives this Double Decker a capacity of holding a minimum of 44 pallets.   Most of our trailers have sliding roofs as standard. Not only can we load from the side or the back, we can load by crane through the roof.
Most of our fleet have tail lifts on the rear enabling us to lift goods from the floor or deliver where there is no handling equipment by moving goods on a pallet (a wooden base). Using our pump truck which lifts the pallet on to wheels for wheeling on and off the vehicle using the tail lift as shown, the pallet truck is not effective unless used on a smooth hard surface.

Services provided:

  • Storage
  • Transport
  • Warehousing
  • Overnight pallet network
  • Full loads
  • Part loads

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