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Solving logistics problems is in our DNA . . .
We’ve been solving logistics problems since 1987, when our business was born out of a contract to pack fresh farm produce. In time, that led to providing road transport services. Later, we added international freight forwarding and pan-European road transport. And we started handling really urgent shipments. And really valuable ones, too. Not to mention commodities like pharmaceuticals and perishables, where constant temperatures are vital. Over the years, GBA has transported a vast array of products, and successfully undertaken many technically challenging movements.  
Early on, people learned to challenge GBA with their own particular problems, knowing that we would always find the right answer for them. 
The tools to do the job . . . 
Along the way, we’ve acquired all the necessary skills, accreditations, qualified staff and specialist equipment to provide robust, reliable, consistently excellent service. 
Ours is a people business, and we’re very proud of the way our people rise to every new challenge with dynamism, flexibility, agility, entrepreneurialism and creativity. Their commitment and dedication has built GBA a reputation for fixing supply chain problems that others can’t.
Today, GBA may look rather different to the company we launched all those years ago; it’s certainly a lot bigger. But, really, it’s just the same: because we still begin with a customer’s problems, and work backwards to provide the best possible solution. 

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