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Gilmour Brothers of South Glasgow is a Lesmahagow -based family road haulage contractor, with a fleet of 10 Seddon Atkinson & ERF Tractor units. As well as General Road Transport they have developed businesses in the area of Commercial Vehicle refurbishment and Used Commercial Vehicle trailer sales.
For 20 years the family business has grown to become a highly professional UK logistics services provider, built on expertise and commitment to customers and good business practice.

Vehicle Refurbishment

The Gilmour Brothers operation continues to develop and expand, serving a customer base of leading headline brands and manufacturers. Used Commercial vehicles trailer sales Gilmour brothers has used commercial trailers for sale .

Used Trailer Sales

The number of stock of used commercial vehicles trailers for selection is appropriately between 40 and 100. The selection of used trailers include Flats, Curtainsiders, Stepframe , Boxed and Double Deckers. Used Trailer Refurbishment and Trailer repairs Gilmour Brothers has workshops to manage he construction and re design of trailers . In our workshops we carry out full repair, maintenance and M.O.T preparation.
General Road Haulage Trailer Fleet
General Road Haulage Trailer Fleet
The General Road Haulage Flee
The General Road Haulage Flee

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