Isle of Ely Produce are one of the UK's major potato suppliers with a trading office based in Silsoe, Bedfordshire and a potato farming enterprise in Ely

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Our suppliers enjoy access to our extensive portfolio of customers and by working closely with the growers and using our expertise in the industry we help them achieve maximum returns.

With regular onsite visits and crop and store assessment we are able to make correct crop placement that will both seize any opportunities and help reduce rejections and therefore maximising the crop value.

Advice on

Industry and consumer trends
Market research
New technologies
Networking opportunities
Industry standards
Variety selection
Grading specifications
Packaging branding and promotions

Creating your own brands
If you would like to develop your own branded line of produce in order to differentiate your company from the competition, private label products will offer a solution.

Own Branding

Boost sales among consumers looking for quality products at lower prices.
Build consumer loyalty to your brand and your business.
Differentiate yourself from competitors.
Appeal to a specific demographic
Marketing and PR

Isle of Ely Produce have embarked on an industry wide marketing push on behalf of its partners. With a new website breaking all the latest news and weather, e-shots and marketing staff - our aim is to both tell and make the news in our market place.

Two examples of this include:

Great Ely Potato Race

With the launch in 2012 of the Great Ely Potato Race we teamed up with over 25 local farmers to promote their brands at the Ely harvest festival.,potato-race-victory-for-pj-lee-and-sons_34.htm

National Fish & Chip Awards 2013

This year Isle of Ely Produce became the first company in 25 years to promote a potato award at the 'Oscars' of the fish & chip industry, the National Fish & Chip Awards.

We highlightlighted the importance of the potato 'from field to frier' with the winning fish and chip shop demonstrating excellence in choice,storage and cooking.

If you would like to get involved with any of our projects please contact our marketing manager Austen Dack at [email protected]

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