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JBT Distribution Limited is the leading road haulage operator distributing across Scotland from it's strategically located depots which enable us to be close to our customer and end user. Established in 1993, we have developed a long and illustrious history as a professional road haulier in Scotland. Today, JBT has 220 employees, 70 vehicles and 140 trailers, providing a true "GATEWAY to SCOTLAND" for our customers.

With warehousing and distribution depots in Aberdeen, Inverness, Kirkwall, Lerwick, East Kilbride and Bathgate, our flexible and varied vehicle fleet and workforce serves Scotland and beyond.

We have developed a diverse cross section of customers covering many sectors of industry such as Packaging, Manufacturing, Food and Drink production, Automotive, Home Delivery and Healthcare.

Ultimately, JBT is a well-established provider of road haulage services, and is recognised widely as a Scottish operator that provides unrivalled customer service at competitive prices.
JBT Distribution
JBT Distribution
JBT Distribution
JBT Distribution

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