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From Greengrocers to Road Haulage Contractors

 Our story begins in the 1850's when the family became greengrocers, running market stalls in Farnworth and the surrounding areas.

As business grew, Walter Allsop opened his first shops in Farnworth, Atherton and Leigh. He began to supply other shops and company canteens. This side of the business developed and eventually fifty staff were employed, in what was the Allsops’ first venture into distribution.

In later years, Walter Allsop diversified the business again, this time by running a property business with all his own children employed within it.

On of Walters grandchildren, Arnold Allsop, expanded the business further into road haulage; Walter's great granchildren, Christopher and Jonathan Allsop now run the still developing family concern JMA Transport Ltd. Road Haulage Contractors.

Recently completed journeys
  • Grimsby to Newmarket
    Full Tautliner Load
    Completed Completed 10/10/2018
Recently filled vehicles
  • Bonnybridge to Manchester
    Artic Tautliner Trailer Completed 08/10/2018
  • Morpeth to Manchester
    Artic Curtainsider with Moffett / Manitou Completed 12/11/2018
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JMA Distribution
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JMA Transport

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