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Mim’s has always been a company inspired by its customers. Since our origins in 1988, new ranges were introduced from Malaysia, Vietnam, China and many other parts of the world. In fact, Mim's is the world's largest exporter of Malaysian pottery.
We have always maintained the same vision to provide our customers with exceptional garden pottery and lifestyle products through innovation, value and reliability. Our range is constantly evolving with new products being launched all year round.
Every feature and item is carefully chosen to create endless possibilities for turning visions into realities. So if you’re looking for a rainbow of vibrant planters or a treasure trove of exotic pottery from far flung places, you and your customers will find all the inspiration you need among the Mim’s collections.
And whether their dream garden is a tranquil haven to sit and enjoy the view, a recreational space to enjoy precious family time with the children, or a relaxing environment for entertaining friends on warm summer days… 
…whatever the space, whatever the occasion, your customers will come to you to let their imaginations be suitably fired by Mim’s products.

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