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The MLH Transport Fleet

This is our current range of delivery vehicle options with dimensions, payload and pallet capacity.

Small van / Temperature controlled
Pallet capacity: 1 std, Payload: 500kg
Dimensions: W= 1165mm x L= 1720 x H=1220mm 

LWB / Temperature controlled
Pallet capacity: 3 std, Payload: 1100kg
Dimensions: W=1240mm x L=3200mm x H=1600mm

XLWB / Temperature controlled
Pallet capacity: 4 std, Payload: 1000kg
Dimensions: W= 1240mm x L= 4200mm x H= 1740mm

7.5T / Curtain-sided
Pallet capacity: 11 std, Payload: 3000kg
Dimensions: W= 2400mm x L= 6090mm x H= 2650mm 

7.5T Box / Temperature controlled
Pallet capacity: 8 std, Payload: 2800kg
Dimensions: W= 2260mm x L=4600mm X 1980mm

18T Box / Tail lift / Temperature controlled
Pallet capacity: 14 std, Payload: 7500kg
Dimensions: W= 2460mm x L=7780mm x H=2230mm 

18T / Curtain-sided
Pallet capacity: 14 std, Payload: 10000kg
Dimensions: W= 2550mm x L=7300mm x H=2380mm 


26T Box / Temperature controlled
Pallet capacity: 16 std, Payload: 13000kg
Dimensions: W= 2465mm x L=8300mm x H= 2250mm 

Artic / Temperature controlled / Curtain-sider
Pallet capacity: 26 std, Payload: Varies
Dimensions: Varies 

Number of vehicles: 20

Current Vehicles

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