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Palletways is Europe’s largest provider of express palletised distribution services. With our strategically positioned network of depots and hub operations, we’re unrivalled in our ability to connect your business to the whole of Europe.

Our growing network now comprises over 400 depots across Europe, owned and operated by independent logistics companies. Together with our 13 hubs in 20 countries, we combine our resources to deliver goods faster and more cost effectively than ever, leaving our customers to focus on growing and managing their businesses.

Innovation and technology is key to our success. Through the development of core IT systems, members and customers have total control of their supply chain, from collection to delivery. Our unique platform enables us to provide best in class, bespoke solutions for our customers and has been recognised with numerous industry awards.

With industry leading customer satisfaction levels, we are currently the partner of choice for hundreds of businesses across Europe and handle more than 30,000 pallets on a daily basis. Together with our members, our vision is to be the European network of natural choice for the distribution of palletised freight.   
We deliver
We deliver
Our transport is one of the most reliable services in the UK
Our transport is one of the most reliable services in the UK

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