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Philip Tyler Polymers Limited is a major force in the plastics recycling industry with over 30 years experience.

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Our starting point is the understanding of supplier requirements. Our experience enables us to identify solutions to recycling issues and to provide advice and options for the recycling of different waste streams.

Using our unparalleled network of In-House and Out-Sourced recycling and logistics services we can deliver a range of integrated services which maximise revenue and minimise waste disposal costs.Our services include:
Supply of bulk bags for packaging in-house regrind
Supply of cages for lumps, and plastic waste
Supply of standing trailers where dry storage is at a premium
Supply of recycling equipment including balers and granulators
Supply of granulation and compounding toll work services
All transport is pre-arranged and scheduled to maximise efficiency and we work hard to ensure that all aspects of our service are as “hassle free” as possible. Our business model has also been designed to deliver integrity and transparency. This has been achieved by developing rigorous procedures to manage and control incoming weights, which, when coupled to a bespoke computer programme using a batch control system, provides a complete audit trail from receipt of goods, through processing to delivery and invoice. The key benefit of this system is that we provide our suppliers with a Goods Received Note for each and every collection detailing the weight, value, collection date and movement number from which we can provide supplier reports breaking down quantities and values of individual waste streams. In fact some suppliers use this information to assist with the environmental requirements of ISO 14001 and even as means of monitoring  waste production.

Services provided:

  • Storage
  • Transport
  • Warehousing
  • Groupage
  • Full loads
  • Part loads

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