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Medway Hauliers Ltd

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Medway Hauliers Ltd - Part of the R Swain Group

At Swains we go for the 'gold standard' in everything we do because it provides the best transport solutions for customers and that's good business for us.

It's no secret that we go back a long way as a company. But it's the here and now and tomorrow on which we always focus.

We're constantly reviewing our processes, training and the professional development of our people, as well as our sizable vehicle fleet, to ensure we retain the capability and flexibility to deliver that all important 'gold standard' service.

Finding the right transport partner is critical to a whole range of businesses. Let our track record and focus on the future help you deliver your best performance yet.

Bob Swain, Group Managing Director







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Historic Black and White picture of our vehiclesThe Company was started in 1918 and has grown from a horse and cart up to 257 vehicles and 520 trailers!
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  • Arundel to Sittingbourne
    Full Tautliner Load
    Completed Completed 22/07/2024
  • Gravesend to Haslemere
    26t Rigid Tautliner Load
    Completed Completed 21/06/2024
Recently filled vehicles
  • Motherwell to Rochester
    Artic Tautliner Trailer Completed 26/06/2024

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