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We are a family run business based in Rochdale. Like all the best families we are big enough to cope but small enough to care.

Richard Whittaker Ltd

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In the years since 1962 the Richard Whittaker business has steadily grown and expanded, building solidly on its own success. In 2003 the entire factory facility was rebuilt and completely refurbished following a devastating fire, and this allowed the company to upgrade all of its lines and equipment and be in a position to offer a superlative service to customers.

We employ over 100 staff which means that we are large enough to cope with the demands of big businesses, yet still small enough to care about those who are just starting out. We pride ourselves on being versatile and in 2006 acquired Innovative Solutions (UK) Ltd which, coupled with our own expertise, allowed us to satisfy the increasing demand for allergen-free products. Please visit our website

We believe in total quality management and this is proven in our independent accreditations (see below) and our high levels of customer satisfaction. Our management team is committed to providing high quality products, a high level of service and competitive prices. The team not only controls and maintains these standards, but also continues to develop them in order to continually meet customers’ needs. Our allergen-awareness and HACCP procedures are an integral part of how we successfully plan and produce.

Our Products
Thanks to our experience and expertise in the market we not only maintain stock of numerous key ingredients, we also source ingredients on behalf of our customers. Starches (native and modified) which are readily available from stock are:

maize (also known as cornflour or cornstarch)
wheat (low gluten available),
dried glucose syrups.

Services provided:

  • Warehousing

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