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About Us

T Alun Jones Ltd is a family company with more than 50 years' experience in haulage, storage and distribution. Established in 1961, our firm has grown and we now operate a fleet of 27 modern vehicles from our depot in Welshpool, on the Shropshire/Powys border.

The depot is one of four sites in Welshpool, which also include a 135,000 square foot warehouse that is available for storage space.

We pride ourselves on our excellent staff and high-quality customer service. Customer orders can be taken by telephone, fax or email, and are always processed in a quick and highly efficient way, so that your needs are met as soon as possible. Our dedicated traffic planning team managing the fleet will endeavour to ensure all operations are carried out in efficient time, and we will work with you to provide a service that is tailored to you and your business. To this end, we are happy to consider any special requirements you have.

Our drivers are all fully qualified and trained. We pride ourselves not only on delivering goods, but on carrying out our duties with courtesy and providing an excellent customer experience. As company ambassadors, all of our drivers are polite, knowledgeable and helpful.

As an environmentally responsible company, we aim to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment. Invoice, statements and remittance notices can be provided electronically to save the earth's resources and reduce global warming. We adhere to an environmental policy, seeking to reduce harmful emissions, re-use and recycle materials where practical and promote energy efficiency. We are constantly monitoring this and reviewing our policies, so our customers can be sure we are taking responsibility for the environment.

We can offer haulage, storage and distribution to a range of clients from Welshpool, Powys, Mid Wales, Shropshire, Oswestry and Newtown, as well as throughout the UK and Europe

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