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With over 30 years of combined experience in the transportation of goods throughout the world, the UKI team prides itself on dedication to customer service and provides a cost effective solution to meet their customer needs. Our staff dedication and motivation helps to ensure a faultless service when carrying consignments, be they 1kg or 28,000 kg, UKI have the solution to meet all your requirements: RAPIDLY - PUNCTUALLY - RELIABLY each and every time.

UKI carry over 1500 separate consignments per day through the United Kingdom and Europe, all varying in size. These consignments range from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), 100’s of different types of groceries, plus numerous food products.
Consignments are carried door to door safely and efficiently in a modern fleet of vehicles that range from small vans up to 44t articulated vehicles capable of carrying loads in excess of 28000kgs.
In conjunction with its own fleet UKI also have the added advantage of a network of suppliers second to none and our partners include some of the largest transport companies throughout Europe, therefore we can supply vehicles at short notice in throughout the United Kingdom and Europe
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    Completed Completed 09/05/2019
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UK & European Transport

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