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Dependable. Reliable and Cost Effective Logistical Solutions. Launched in 2014, V&B Logistics have established themselves as a strong contender within the logistics market. With AN experience in the General Haulage industry, V&B Logistics Ltd is a family business , running 44 tons lorries throughout the UK. Business is located in Godalming , Surrey, The company delivers comprehensive transport and lifting needs to its customers, which is designed to be cost effective at all times enabling clients to save time and money. With Health and Safety being paramount at all times, the business has a very impressive customer portfolio and has very capable dedicated staff. With employees that are experienced in their field, V&B Logistics Ltd has a very reliable workforce, trained drivers in cpc curtansider and work at height.
With an enviable reputation for customer care,  reliability and service standards that are second to none we understand that choosing the right logistics company to meet your requirements can be a daunting task.  Thats why we are happy to discuss your requirements with no obligation.

 We treat every client differently and understand that everyone's priorities and requirements can be different that is why we offer a completely tailored logistics solution.

Whatever your requirements are and whatever you need delivering we will work closely with you to provide the most cost effective solution that meets all of your needs.

So if you are looking for a dedicated logistics provider who is more than just a delivery company contact V & B Logistics today.
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