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Our friendly team will assist you with your requirements and do their utmost to ensure that your load is collected and delivered on time to its destination.
Williamson Haulage was inaugurated as a family business in 1978 by Alastair Williamson and his wife Margaret.

The business operated successfully from their orignal premises with a small fleet of vehicles concentrating on the haulage of steel but eventually diversifying into other haulage areas.

Following the retirement of Alastair and Margaret in 2006, the business was purchased locally and continued to operate as a family owned concern. The existing staff transferred with the change of ownership.

The new owner has continued to develop the business and diversify such that a comprehensive range of haulage services can now be offered within the UK.

The company remembers its roots within the community of Cowdenbeath and continues to support the community in local events.
Road haulage
Road haulage

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