A guide to HGV work in London

Published: 04 May 2018

A guide to HGV work in London
- The first important thing to note is that during evenings and weekends there are set routes that lorry drivers can take, as others can prove to be problematic or even result in a fine if used by an oversized vehicle. Here is the map highlighting routes lorry drivers can use at these times:
This is known as the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS). 
Welcome to the home of the London Lorry Route Approver service and source of information about driving commercial vehicles in London.
- Those with experience transporting in London will recall that routes into the city (via call or fax) have to be requested then approved by London councils, ignoring this could lead to a penalty for the lorry driver if they do not gain expressed permission or instead decide to drive through the route without consulting the local councils.
- The London Lorry Route Approver was developed as an easy means of verifying routes drivers are travelling across London.
- While in contact with the local councils, they should also point you in the right direction of a lorry park if you plan to rest up for the night after completing deliveries. At no point should your lorry be parked anywhere that could cause disruption if you wish to avoid being fined. Check your route and consult the local council to see which stopping points are available.
- If given appropriate guidance by the firm you are completing a delivery for, a loading bay is an option if your vehicle is the appropriate size you can unload goods there if not already taken, if not a drop-off point should be provided by your contact.
- While the roads are much busier and tighter than routes you might be used to, it’s important to stay calm and think rationally during your journey. Your safety is the most important thing.
- If you’re planning a return journey, be sure to check Returnloads.net for available loads in the London area!
Do you have any experienced tips for surviving a London delivery? Comment below!
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