In-cab cameras could help prevent distracted truckers

Published: 23 July 2019

In-cab cameras could help prevent distracted truckers
A survey was carried out by Commercial Motor among HGV businesses, their survey questioned haulage firms on what some of their biggest issues are for their drivers during shifts. Overall, over 34% of firms (1/3), expressed concerns that their drivers getting distracted while on the road is a big problem and one of their largest worries.

Many of those concerned hauliers are making plans and preparations to take further action in an effort to combat this problem. With many developing the solution to purchase in-cab cameras which will monitor the drivers during their journeys and observe them, meaning that any signs of distraction, fatigue or tiredness will be made aware to the operator, ahead of time. Meaning they can take action, whether it means the driver takes a break, needs a drink or rests up for the night. With less likelihood of distraction, these firms hope to contribute to an effort to reduce incidents on the road.

Of all the firms that took part in the survey, over 44% mentioned they are planning to use this technology to their advantage, meaning more security for the well-being of their drivers and other road users they share their long journeys with. Monitoring drivers with in-cab cameras is a procedure that some hauliers have already taken to ensure their safety.

A concern must be raised on the ethics behind in-cab cameras, should a driver be observed 24/7 while on the job? For many drivers, this will feel like an uncomfortable invasion of privacy – even those that have nothing to hide. It could reflect a lack of trust in future relationships between truck drivers and the companies they operate on behalf of.

While it will help recognise easily distracted or tired drivers, as well as likely provide a sense of security to overnight drivers who could be exposed to crime such as truck-jacking or damage to their vehicle without any eyewitnesses or evidence of the culprits, the ethics behind constant observation of a driver must be bought into question.

If a pattern arises between drivers with in-cab cameras in place and a reduction in incidents on the road with those vehicles, the government could recognise the benefits and security it would provide firms across the country and introduce a scheme to get more hauliers on-board. This could become the norm for truckers across the country in the near future.

Would you feel comfortable to be observed while on the road by your firm? Let us know!
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