BIFA say’s Government is 'retaliating' within Brexit talks

Published: 29 September 2020

BIFA say’s Government is 'retaliating' within Brexit talks
A leaked letter to the logistics sector shows the government's usage of the ‘Carwyn James’ approach to business, says BIFA..

(Carwyn James was a rugby coach and his coaching style was said to involve quiet words with players and half-suggestions rather than orders. He was a strong believer in attacking rugby, with the attitude that if a team had possession of the ball it should be able to attack, regardless of the position on the field.)

BIFA Director, Robert Keen says: “The Goverment has received repeated warnings from all sides of the supply chain that neither businesses involved in trade between the EU and the UK, nor the freight and logistics secretary that physically handles and manages that trade, is ready for the new procedures that will be in place from January 1st 2021”

“With just over 14 weeks to go before the end of the Brexit Transition Period, traders and logistics providers are still waiting for so much information and clarity from the government and are shocked by the lack of consistency in Government policy, systems planning and procedures.”

He continued “Getting their retaliation in first worked for Carwyn James’ British & Irish Lions in South Africa in 1974, but Government making villains of the key workers who have been tackling the impact of the pandemic on the UK’s supply chains, will not have the same success.”

“According to the media coverage, Mr Gove says it is essential that traders act now and get ready for new formalities. BIFA says give our members all the information they need, the resources they require and systems that actually work, and they will be more than able to do what is necessary. But don’t start pointing the finger of blame in our direction when you have still to provide all of the tools to do the job.”

While the world is still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears that the government continues to treat Brexit like a game and only time will tell if they make the right decisions for the UK and the supply chain.
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