Brexit deadline extended, Operation Brock launched in Kent

Published: 28 October 2019

Brexit deadline extended, Operation Brock launched in Kent
Following Government talks with the European Union, an agreement has been met to extend the Brexit deadline from October 31st to January 31st. Giving MPs a chance to sort amongst themselves, as well as leave an opening window for a general election should members of the Government agree to proposals for an election this December.

In that case, pledges from each party leaders will be delivered for the public before they vote in December, this will mean for the first time since the referendum in 2016, the public will cast a vote and have a say in the fate for Brexit in the coming months depending on the party they decide to show support for.

As MPs refused the terms of the deal proposed by the PM. While the Prime Minister proposed an election on the 12th of December, the SNP and Lib Dems have suggested a slightly earlier date: December 9th. In the Withdrawal Agreement – it is stipulated that the terms cannot be renegotiated in the future. For hauliers: this means whatever travel and trade terms are agreed to during the deal negotiations – this cannot be undone or renegotiated at a later date. Lorry drivers will need to abide by the agreed terms once the deal and transition during the Brexit period has been agreed to and completed.

Meanwhile, Operation Brock has come into force on the M20, still prepared if the event of a no-deal Brexit should occur. The operation’s introduction to the M20 has led to some delays across the route for drivers.
A Highways England spokesperson discussed the matter: "We are keeping the deployment of Operation Brock continually under review and are ready to stand it down if it will not be needed.”
“Any decision to deactivate Operation Brock will be taken jointly, and we are in constant contact with the government and our partners in Kent." They continued.

Any HGV vehicles heading on the M20 coastbound route will face 30MPH speed restrictions between junctions 8 and 9 on the carriageway. Other vehicles, as well as lorries planning to use an alternative route will be using a 50mph contraflow with the use of 2 lanes available.

Operation Brock was intended to be introduced back in March, but was delayed as initial Brexit talks fell through – with a new deadline of January 31st in sight, the Operation has been put into action to prevent any traffic woes or chaos should a no-deal Brexit occur.
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