Cleanest lorries will pay less to use UK roads

Published: 06 April 2018

Cleanest lorries will pay less to use UK roads
Many hauliers will be able to benefit from lower charges if they are using vehicles that are less polluting. This is a part of plans set by the government to steadily improve the quality of air across the country. 
This means that if the air quality of the vehicle matches requirements firms can expect to pay less for that vehicle. As of February 2019, lorries that match the standards of the Euro VI emissions standards will be able to access a 10% reduction in the cost of the HGV levy.
Speaking regarding the matter, Roads Minister Jesse Norman stated:
“This government is committed to improving the air we breathe and delivering a green revolution in transport. Heavy goods vehicles account for around a fifth of harmful nitrogen oxide emissions from road transport, but they only travel 5% of the total miles.
That’s why we’re changing the HGV levy to encourage firms to phase out the most polluting lorries and bring in the cleanest ones.”
The levy was put in place in 2014 and was set as a first step ensuring HGVs pay to cover for costs of damages that lorries cause on roads (the most damage of any vehicle on roads). With the new terms in place, the levy will also consider how healthy the vehicle is for the environment.
As the plans are put into action it is estimated around half of the UK’s lorries will pay less on the levy, which will hopefully lead to an increased rate of cleaner lorries meaning the haulage industry overall will have less costs.
Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey said:
“Air pollution has improved significantly since 2010, but we recognise there is more to do which is why we have put in place a £3.5 billion plan to improve air quality and reduce harmful emissions.
Poor air quality affects public health, the economy, and the environment, and all motorists, including hauliers, must play their part if we are to clean up our air for the next generation.”
The updated levy is only one aspect of the plan the government has set forth with a £3.5 billion scheme that is set to reduce emissions and clear the air across the UK. £255 million will be given to councils to improve air quality as well as a dedicated Clean Air Fund for local areas with the most difficult air quality challenges.
Changes to the levy
Current rate Euro VI rate  £1000
Euro VI rate from Feb 2019 £900
Euro 0-V rate from Feb 2019 £1200
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