Crackdown on truckers in Thurrock Parkway

Published: 13 August 2019

Crackdown on truckers in Thurrock Parkway
Local enforcement is taking further action against lorry drivers that park along Thurrock Parkway, while there are a lack of spaces in the area, the drivers who park up across the Parkway are breaking the law. Thurrock Parkway was named as one of the top 10 roads outside of London in which inconsiderate vehicle users are most likely to face fines.

In 2018, Thurrock Council submitted 1693 notices and charged drivers £89,492 across the parkway alone. As the council plans on taking further actions to combat the amount of drivers that park across the road. The facility serves as access to Asda for locals, as well as the industrial buildings further along the parkway. The location has the 5th highest rate of fines outside of the capital.

Speaking regarding the matter, Cllr Ben Maney stated: “Residents and the council know just how big an issue nuisance lorry parking is and being named in the top ten for fines issued shows just how seriously we take this issue.”

“Our civil enforcement officers regularly visit Thurrock Parkway and other nuisance parking hot-spots and we will always take action to make sure that drivers, and the firms they work for, get the message that we will not tolerate them using our roads as a car park.”

While the facilities in the area are struggling to handle the amount of truck drivers that come into the area, there is the development of Tilbury2, which is due to extend the port as well as the amount of vehicles coming in and out on a daily basis by a significant amount.

It would be beneficial for truck drivers in the area to have additional facilities to rest overnight, on top of those already available in the port to handle the increased amount of drivers who will be using the port – considering the factor that areas such as the Thurrock Parkway already see a lot of trucks parking up overnight and facing fines for these stops – despite the clear lack of facilities for the truckers with nowhere else to stop.
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