Digital driving licence to be released in 2018

Published: 13 September 2017

Digital driving licence to be released in 2018
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Soon enough we could have a digital form of driving licences, which will begin trials over the course of this month and if successful will be taken further.

The DVLA revealed they are testing a Beta form of the licence in Septmeber, meaning drivers will always have a copy of their license in digital form if they forget their normal license in their wallet or purse.
With similar applications like Android Pay, Apple Pay and Barclaycard becoming more accessible through technology, the concept of a digital licence could make the physical wallet almost unnecessary.
The development team behind the concept assured that the system would be “quick, easy and secure.”
If al is successful, the planned launch date is in April 2018.
The application will be available 24/7, as long as the driver using it is connected to the internet.
DVLA statement:
“The DVLA did preface the release of the digital licence by claiming that it will not replace the plastic card.”
In a statement given earlier in the year they said: “During 2017/18 we will be developing a quick, easy and secure service to allow customers to view a representation of their driving licence on their smartphone.
“The driver will be in control of their data and this can be used to share and validate driver information with trusted third parties through a secure website.
“The digital licence service will only be available to driving licence holders who have authenticated themselves on through the existing driving licence.
It was also revealed in a photograph tweeted by DVLA chief Executive Oliver Morley that while the idea was still in development, the digital license would be accessible in the Apple Wallet, in which you can also store bank details, tickets and loyalty cards. All details are kept secure with a user’s fingerprint or passcode.
He stated it is more of an “add-on” to a card instead of replacing it entirely.
CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood stated: “Security has taken a significant step forward to support digital payment on phones, so the framework is in place for other secure applications, such as a digital driving licence.”
“There are not many people in the UK that do not carry a smartphone with them every day, so it is a logical next step.”
Chris Green, technology analyst at the business consultancy Lewis, said digital wallets were "a massively underrated and under-exploited resource".
"People are getting more and more used to the technology because of e-ticketing," he said. "People are far more comfortable with the concept of keeping key information on their smartphone."

Warehouse Exchange founder Richard Newbold comments: “Innovation in technology is moving quickly and a paperless future is certainly on the cards.”
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