Drivers' hours and working time rules temporarily relaxed for LPG deliveries

Published: 16 April 2013

Drivers' hours and working time rules temporarily relaxed for LPG deliveries
Due to a shortage of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) the Deprtment for Transport (DfT)has temporarily relaxed usual drivers’ hours and working time rules.  It will, however, only apply to LPG deliveries to domestic, agricultural and industrial premises – including deliveries between refineries and distribution depots in the UK.
During the temporary rule change, the EU daily driving limit increased from 9 to ten hours, the daily rest requirement reduced from 11 to nine hours and the removal of the weekly and fortnightly driving limits.  It will apply until 11.59p.m on 22 April, after which normal rules will come into force.
The weekly rest requirement has also been postponed to 11.59pm on 18 April, but drivers must take their weekly rest no later than the 11th day after their last rest period.

Working time rules have also been relaxed and drivers will be allowed to work for up to 66 hours, instead of the usual 60 hour weekly maximum.

Operators are being asked to ensure that drivers note the reasons for exceeding the normal limits on the back of their tachograph charts.

The DfT has also reminded operators that drivers should not be expected to drive whilst tired.
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