Drivers to give way to cyclists

Published: 12 December 2016

Drivers to give way to cyclists
British Cycling: “Drivers should be giving way to cyclists when turning at junctions”
British Cycling told reporters that drivers should be giving way to cyclists at junctions. The national governing body for cycling calls for adjustments to the Highway Code assuring that vehicles give way to those using bicycles who would travel straight ahead on the left side of their vehicle. This would help to avoid major accidents involving cyclists and drivers. Especially in areas such as the capital where there are more vehicles and cyclists than anywhere else in the UK.
Chris Boardman, a former cycling champ and policy adviser felt the update “reinforces good behaviour”. The RHA warned it could easily lead to an increase in accidents on the roads as some of the more irresponsible cyclists will dart in front of vehicles nonetheless and avoid spotting vehicles coming from any other direction. 
Boardman has led a campaign following the tragic death of his mother, Carol, who was killed in an accident in July with a vehicle while she was cycling in North Wales. The Olympic Gold winner feels the UK should use Europe’s system meaning anyone looking to turn at junctions gives way for cyclists.
“It just creates a duty of care for everybody and it makes it really simple.  No-one’s quite sure what the rules are,” he said speaking to BBC Breakfast. 
"It compels people to treat others as human beings and not obstacles."
The amendment would need to be verified and approved by the Department for Transport, which would be part of an update for the Highway Code which would also need to be proposed to Parliament. RHA’s deputy policy director: Duncan Buchanan, felt the update to the Highway Code would make many confused and set an “incredibly dangerous precedent”.
“It is doing exactly the opposite of what we hope which is to ensure the safety of road users” he said speaking with Radio 4 this morning.
He also commented: "This rule while superficially appearing simple in fact makes it much more complicated - it means that you become responsible as the motorist for someone overtaking you on the inside when they have full visibility of what you're doing."
Buchanan also expressed there was a disagreement in the proposal and what is already given in the Highway Code. Only time will tell what this means for hauliers, if the updated code is put in place the Government need to ensure drivers are well informed of the change to avoid confusion on the roads which will only lead to more accidents.
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