DSVA to monitor for emissions cheating

Published: 21 July 2017

DSVA to monitor for emissions cheating

An announcement form the DVSA (The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) has revealed they plan to begin assessing trucks on UK roads for emissions cheating gadgets and mods on the side of roads from this August. Public concern is constantly increasing in regards to Nitrogen Oxides emissions increasing, many have criticised the Government’s air quality strategy, the DVSA has taken its attempts to clean up Britain’s air to the public, specifically to hauliers and lorry drivers.

The agency stated that drivers caught committing offense will be warned with 10 days to get vehicles back into the required fields before facing fines. If an operator fails to return the vehicle and have it back to legal standards in the requested time-frame, DVSA could issue a fine and have the authority to remove the vehicle from the roads permanently.
Multiple offenses from drivers and in the case of “More serious incidents of emissions fraud or tampering” vehicles will be impounded immediately, along with levying fines, the DVSA has warned.
Several methods were covered by the agency on how “unscrupulous drivers and haulage operators” were avoiding additional costs at the expense of emissions reduction. 
Cheat devices were among the most popular as they prevent emission control systems from working as they should. Many other methods included: Removal of the diesel particulate filter or trap. Some also used “cheap, fake emission reduction devices”, using substandard diesel exhaust fluids rather than using AdBlue, the illegal modification of engines resulting in increased emissions and removing or bypassing exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) valves.
Although the DVSA is working on roadside emissions tests, these are understood to be some way off. A spokesperson for the organisation explained that examiners would be checking vehicles for the presence of a genuine and functional diesel particulate filter and exhaust re-circulation.
Chied Executive for the DVSA Garath Llewellyn stated: “DVSA’s priority is to protect you from unsafe drivers and vehicles. We are committed to taking dangerous vehicles off Britain’s roads and this new initiative to target emissions fraud is a key part of that.”
“Anyone who flouts the law is putting other road users and the quality of our air at risk. We won’t hesitate to take these drivers, operators and vehicles off of our roads.”
New Roads Minister Jesse Norman added: “I welcome this crackdown on rogue hauliers who cheat the system by installing bogus devices which lead to increased pollution. There has rightly been a huge public outcry against car manufacturers that have been cheating emissions standards and the same rule should apply here too.”
All that can be suggested is that drivers make sure all devices used are certified for use and that your emissions are being recorded correctly to avoid any form of penalization. 
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