DVLA warns motorists to check the Certificate of Entitlement for a personalised registration number

Published: 27 November 2012

DVLA warns motorists to check the Certificate of Entitlement for a personalised registration number
DVLA is today warning motorists to check the Certificate of Entitlement (V750) when purchasing a personalised registration (number plate) from a private seller after 900 blank certificates were stolen.
Motorists are advised not to purchase the registration number if the serial number of the V750 certificate falls within the following range:

5930101 to 5931000

The serial number is located in the top right corner of the certificate.

If a motorist is offered a V750 when buying a personalised registration from a private seller that falls into this range they should report the matter to Northumbria police immediately.

The V750 certificate is issued for a registration number which has never been assigned to a vehicle. If the number had previously been assigned to a vehicle then the buyer should ask to see a Retention Document (V778) or a vehicle registration certificate (V5C).

DVLA Spokesperson, Victoria Ford said:

“We know that personalised registrations are very popular and that many people may be looking to purchase one for themselves or family and friends. We are warning people if they are buying from a private seller to check the serial number on the Certificate of Entitlement to see if it falls within the range 5930101 to 5931000. They should also be wary of the serial number being altered. If you are unsure, don’t buy and contact Northumbria police.”

2000 blank driver licence counterparts (D740) were also stolen at the same time. The serial numbers for these counterparts range from 6560001 to 6562000. Anyone presented with a paper counterpart falling into this range should contact Northumbria police.

The serial number is located on the top and bottom of the counterpart.
Source: dft.gov.uk
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