DVSA to combat emissions cheats nationwide

Published: 17 September 2018

DVSA to combat emissions cheats nationwide
The DVSA has launched new efforts to catch truckers using AdBlue emissions cheat devices which have forged their vehicle’s emissions in an effort to avoid costs for a vehicle with worse emissions than those going on record. Research showed that there was a lack of compliance across various regions of the UK.

From February to August, 388 drivers had cheating devices found within their vehicles. Overall, they checked over 10,000 trucks to see if others were using these devices.

In previous research, the DVSA’s results showed that one in every twelve lorries has an emissions fraud device attached during 4 months of searching for the devices.

The DVSA also said in a statement that checks will be occurring nationwide, as of yet searches have only taken place at 5 undisclosed sites but in light of results further searches have been approved.
The DVS chief executive Gareth Llewellyn spoke on the matter, stating: “DVSA’s priority is to protect everyone from unsafe vehicles and drivers. A vehicle doesn’t have to be falling apart to be unsafe - any driver or operator who uses cheat devices to get around emissions rules is putting the health of the entire nation at risk."

“DVSA will take the strongest possible action against anyone who tries to cheat emissions rules.”
Any driver with emissions cheat devices found has 10 days warning to remove the device and repair the system to function properly. If they are found to have the device again, or that the vehicle hasn’t been repaired, they might face a £300 fine with their vehicle being impounded.

Following a charge, the DVSA will likely investigate the operator, or their firm to see if other vehicles are guilty of carrying these devices, all findings will be reported to the traffic commissioners. The Traffic Commissioners themselves have gone on record to say they take AdBlue cheating very seriously and firms that use such devices should prepare to face consequences if changes are not made.

RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett, also spoke on the matter: “We fully support DVSA’s enforcement action on rogue operators. The haulage industry is making great strides in reducing emissions by adopting greener vehicles and technologies. We take a very dim view of the few hauliers who use emulators and other methods to cheat the system.”

The recent activity by the DVSA is to help further combat emissions as part of the Clean Air Strategy 2018.
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