East Coast Truckers Convoy 2016

Published: 25 August 2016

East Coast Truckers Convoy 2016
If you’re in Norfolk over the course of next bank holiday weekend you should check out the annual East Coast Trucker’s Convoy. This convoy is all in aid of charity for special needs children. The convoy is annually held in the summer, with over 75 HGV drivers taking part. Children are treated to a trip to Pleasurewood Hills and Great Yarmouth for a day of fun, taken by truck drivers.
Thousands of people go to watch the convoy (which has been running since 1986) from Norwich’s County Hall to Gt. Yarmouth seafront with the Pleasurewood Hills trip on the way. It makes a child’s day to see thousands of people waving at them from the vehicles, drivers even let them beep the horns.


The charity’s goal has always been to ‘deliver loads of fun to children’ and since the success of the organization thanks to the community, they are able to achieve that goal more than ever before. The charity manages a wide range of events for disadvantaged children who live in the East Anglia area. They also provide the families with free holidays at venues across Norfolk. The money raised is used to arrange these events but can also be used to buy specialist equipment for children, which in some cases can be life-saving.
All drivers have taken the time to volunteer to take part in the annual charity convoy, along with all volunteers collecting donations from the general public. The only costs are those used to process administration. The devotion of everyone involved in the charity is a wonderful thing to witness.



Over the years the convoy has become a major attraction for tourists as well as local members of the community, bringing people together. The charity has also expressed how grateful they are to the public for their generosity, receiving some overwhelming donations from contributors. This allows the charity to have more events as well as further promote the organization along with helping children more than ever before.
The 31st convoy takes place on Sunday August 28th, if you’re stopping nearby for the night this is one event you cannot miss out on.
For more information please visit www.eastcoasttruckers.co.uk

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