Fee to pay for foreign Hauliers on UK roads.

Published: 07 April 2014

Fee to pay for foreign Hauliers on UK roads.
Foreign hauliers will have to pay to use UK roads as the new HGV Road User Levy is introduced from April 1st.
The charge aims to ensure UK operators are better able to compete with firms from Europe. It will apply to all operators but is accompanied by a reduction in Vehicle Excise Duty so that nine out of 10 domestic vehicles see no increase in costs.
Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport said, “The HGV levy will provide a massive boost for the UK haulage industry. It will create a level playing field across Europe, giving UK firms a much better opportunity to win business.
“This is yet another example of how we are taking positive action to back British business and build a stronger, more competitive economy.”
Failure to pay the levy which has been welcomed by trade bodies, will result in a fine of £300 per vehicle.
Director of Policy at the Freight Transport Association Karen Dee said, “FTA has consistently supported the introduction of the HGV Road User Levy.  Until now operators of foreign HGVs have paid nothing in UK taxes. They pay vehicle tax in their own country, and buy low-taxed diesel before entering the UK, and in so doing save up to £200 on a full tank of fuel.
“The levy won’t fully redress this imbalance in costs, but it does create a fairer arrangement for UK operators.”
Jack Semple, the  Road Haulage Association Director of Policy said, “The levy means that visiting hauliers are legally required to contribute to the cost of our roads for the first time.
“It also does what is possible, within EU law, to level the playing field between UK hauliers and those from the continent and Ireland.”
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