Firms at “boiling point” regarding Brexit

Published: 06 July 2018

Firms at “boiling point” regarding Brexit
The Prime Minister has been issued a warning that many firms are starting to lose their trust and patience with the lack of information being given on Brexit, over two years after the UK voted to leave the European Union.
The BCC (British Chambers of Commerce) have pleaded with members of parliament to end their disagreements and debates and work towards resolving what is most important for the country: answering questions over taxes, tariffs, customs and regulation.

The group interrupted debates as the Prime Minister prepares to act as host for a meeting that is expected to give updates on the situation to Chequers later this week, many are hoping negotiations will be agreed upon during this event.

The BCC’s concern expresses how many major firms are feeling about the progress of updates on Brexit less than a year before Britain is set to leave the EU. According to reporters, Foreign secretary Boris Johnson responded stating: “F*** business”

The director-general of the BCC, Adam Marshall, explained that the lack of decision making has ultimately resulted in business investment reaching a standstill for the nation.

Speaking on the matter, he states

He said: "Over the past two years, businesses have been patient.
"We have supported the Government's drive to seek the best possible deal for the UK economy. Now, with the time running out ahead of the UK's exit from the EU, business patience is reaching breaking point.
"Businesses have every right to speak out when it is abundantly clear that the practical questions affecting the competitiveness of their firms and the livelihoods of millions of people remain unanswered.

"With less than nine months go to until Brexit day, we are little closer to the answers businesses need than we were the day after the referendum. It's time for politicians to stop the squabbling and the Westminster point-scoring - and start putting the national economic interest first."

The BCC argued that firms had clarity on only two of 23 key Brexit questions it had compiled.
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