Ford: Stop signs and traffic lights, a thing of the past

Published: 25 October 2018

Ford: Stop signs and traffic lights, a thing of the past
Ford has revealed that they anticipate that with a potential future relying on autonomous cars all linked by a network, the technology could mean the removal of traffic lights and stop signs. Ford predicts there will be “baby steps” before achieving fully autonomous vehicles, one of which could be disposing of traffic lights and stop signs. 

The manufacturer is currently testing a Priority Management system within the UK. On this system, vehicles can share information including the speed they are traveling, their destination and planned route to said destination. 

The vehicle’s built-in system analyses the data from other vehicles around it, so it will be able to see what is going to happen next. Ford imagines these adaptable vehicles will improve travel on a nationwide scale, meaning there will be no need for traffic lights or stop signs. This system could also be used to warn drivers of potential collisions and better prepare those inside the vehicles for impact.

Telematics have been a major part of moving vehicles for the past 20 years, proving to be beneficial to share information on a vehicle’s location as many haulage firms benefit from tracking their vehicles which can prove to be more efficient. Honda developed their own Smart Intersection system, connecting vehicles with cameras organised across nearby buildings, these cameras mean that with the ability to see what’s coming collisions are much easier to avoid.

Various haulage firms have been using telematics for years while moving goods across the globe, as a much easier means to track your vehicles and plan destinations it is beneficial, with transport operators better prepared when organising drop-offs and movement of goods for their drivers thanks to the technology, with further developments, things can only get better.

Ford have just completed 2-year research of the development for their system and plan to begin trials, meaning they are a step closer to integrating the technology to vehicles in production.
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